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CDR Rorke Denver is a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ communicator whose content is steeped in experience and rich in wisdom. CDR Rorke accepts engagements all over the world and speaks in a wide array of venues including small, intimate executive gatherings, large companies, and big arena-style conferences.

Featured Keynote: The Pursuit

Excellence doesn’t happen by accident. You have to pursue it. You have to be intentional about your training, behavior and drive to achieve the leadership, culture and performance the best of us seek. Navy SEAL Commander Rorke Denver has created a new program focused on the pursuit of excellence. What lessons can be learned from shouldering heavy rucks in Afghanistan, the simplicity of the Gettysburg address, and the combat breathing exercises of elite warriors in combat?

  • Join CDR Denver’s pursuit.
  • The pursuit of cultural resilience.
  • The pursuit of remaining calm under fire.
  • The pursuit of leadership, teamwork, and grit.

Speaking Topics include...

  • Preparing Your Team for Battle
  • Leadership: Lessons from a Navy SEAL Commander
  • Acts of Valor: True Stories from the Front Lines
  • Global Outlook and Security: An Assessment of What’s Next from a Boots on the Ground Navy SEAL Commander

Leadership Axioms

In addition to the above Speaking Topics, CDR Rorke has an extensive library of exclusive Leadership Axioms that can be used to choreograph a custom talk directly for your group. Leadership Axioms, designed for leaders at all levels, consist of a story, a lesson, practical application, and a challenge. A small sampling of CDR Rorke’s Leadership Axiom Library are:

  • Axiom: Reach for an Inch

    Even when we feel like we've reached our limit, we can tap into our 'tactical reserve' and stretch for more. Everyone has an extra inch to find.

  • Axiom: Harmonic Gait

    How to find the rhythm that God intended for your life, the perfect rhythm for which you were created.

  • Axiom: Calm is Contagious

    When you are a leader, people will at a minimum, mimic your behavior. Often, they amplify it. As a leader, you must remain calm when the going gets tough to truly set the tone.

  • Axiom: Leadership Archetypes

    There’s no one way to lead. Embrace the leader you are.

  • Axiom: Stepping Out of the C-Suite

    As a leader, you make the calls and ensure the goals of the greater good are met. But often, the person who works in the mailroom, the front desk or the office down the hall may have the best perspective on the issue at hand. Don’t operate in a vacuum without tapping into the deep knowledge of your troops.

  • Axiom: Don’t Settle for Just OK

    Constantly improve in the elite environment.

  • Axiom: Culture, Culture, Culture

    SEALs are not trained first and foremost for skills, they are trained and bred into a mindset or culture. That mindset is what is special. SEALs win because they can’t even imagine losing. They suffer so greatly before they even go into a fight, they are prepared to suffer to the end.

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May 5, 2020
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Dose of Leadership

Rorke stole the show. His speech received the highest marks (most enjoyed) of any of the activities that we held.

Madison Square Garden

We can't thank Rorke enough for spending time with Riot Games yesterday in Seoul. His message was authentic, funny, heartfelt, and full of leadership lessons. We've heard so much positive feedback about his presentation. We haven't yet announced where next year’s event will be, but he has an open invitation!

Riot Games

Rorke was absolutely great! I’ve heard incredible feedback on him. Rorke went above and beyond connecting with our employees. It was such an honor meeting him and working with your company. I will hopefully be in touch with more events to come in our future!

Cox Business

The campus was all abuzz, everyone was raving and people were so impressed with his content. He was absolutely a thrill and his message transcended beyond our military employees to all leaders.

Best Buy Corporation

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