Rorke Denver’s keynote speeches and hands on breakouts and workshops have been dazzling audiences for over 15 years.

Rorke’s message is timeless as he takes Navy SEAL lessons and applies them to current events and today’s corporate climate. 

Whether it’s outside forces creating challenges or inside antics that need attention, Rorke can shed light on how to lead in these times and operate as the most effective team.

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Keynote Speeches

Rorke is most known for customizing his presentations to each industry and audience.

Depending upon the mission of the meeting, Rorke will weave in the right messages around leadership, culture, teamwork and personal performance for the following keynote addresses.

“Boots on the Ground”

This powerful keynote talks about what it takes to be ready for battle every day. What do the best leaders ask of themselves and of  their teams and how do teams operate best? Rorke learns about an organization’s goals and objectives and then customizes his message so that audiences can learn from the front lines of a Navy SEAL commander and put it into action right away.

“The Pursuit”

Every team and individual has goals they want to achieve. Goals are important as a target, but systems, behaviors and execution are what take you there. Sometimes these goals line up with the greater mission at hand, and often they don’t. Rorke takes lessons from being the top ranked Navy SEAL Commander and applies them to everyday life so that audiences can learn how to move ahead together while always honoring each person’s personal contribution. More than just inspiring, these custom messages leave audiences with actionable tips that help them perform and feel better.

“Sell Like a SEAL”

For every mission, Navy SEALs need to know how to sell themselves and deliverables to their commanders and comrades. The team must have complete buy-in to execute the mission successfully. Often times, there are limited resources and SEALs need to rely on their own know-how to get everyone on board. These very same lessons can effectively apply to sales forces trying to get their mission accomplished and land a new customer.


After one of Rorke’s dynamic and customized keynote addresses, audiences can also roll up their sleeves and go deeper into his powerful content.

These sessions can be conducted in your typical breakout setting OR at a private campfire.

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Breakout Themes

"Acts of Valor"

True stories from the battlefield and the lessons they teach us at work today.

"Calm Under Fire"

What is the top skill the Army taught Commander Denver? Which leadership trait did a SEAL sniper teach on a high mountain mission in Afghanistan? If taken hostage or prisoner, is there a skill you can use to escape your restraints…yes there is!


What can you learn from JFK and a baroque English architect about purpose? What did “random acts of instructor violence” teach aspiring Navy SEAL candidates in basic training? Can you steal someone’s physical power with one mindset trick?

Hands On Workshops

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Rorke and his team can take over any ballroom and turn it into a mock battlefield!

It’s one thing to think like a SEAL, it’s another to get to act like one. In this hands-on workshop, audiences will get to experience real SEAL training including breaking free of restraints, the secret drill that teaches SEAL snipers how to never forget anything, self-defense and more. Best of all, Rorke takes each of these experiential lessons and makes a direct connection from the battlefield to the board room. Audiences see that the lessons they are learning are more than just fun and games and can actually serve as a catalyst to their own change they want to see. Workshops are designed to be customized and accessible to diverse abilities.

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