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Ever Onward exists because
the world needs strong, authentic, enduring leaders.

We need leaders who get their hands dirty and solve problems. Who do the hard things.

There is tremendous value in writing things down. In doing so, we take the conceptual and give it gravity. We make it concrete. Codifying one’s beliefs, aspirations and intentions into a document binds you to the cause. And great causes are often marked by great prose.

The Declaration of Independence. The Gettysburg Address.

Staggering in beauty, power and simplicity. These documents stand the test of time. They are foundational and elemental.

A written ethos guides my leadership journey. I think it is important for every leader to write one. Mine is a living document I add to and take away from as I grow and learn. Here are some high points that I hope will serve as a spark to craft your own:

To lead is a choice. If you make that choice, don’t look back, own it. Be willing to toil, suffer and fail.

Develop an irrational belief in yourself. Trust your inner voice, your gut. Keep your own counsel. I have never regretted any decision I made of my own accord. I have savagely regretted the few decisions I made based on others “advice”.

It is acceptable to be afraid, it is unacceptable to let fear paralyze or stop you. Be relentless in your pursuit of excellence.

When your team succeeds, give them ALL of the credit. When they fail, take ALL of the blame. Take your blows in the front facing the fire, not running from it.

It is quite easy to destroy someone, it is much harder and of far greater value to build them up.

Culture is everything. Leaders set that tone. Resilient, driven and tough wins the fight, no matter what form the fight takes.

Leaders do not take, we give. We don’t “command”— we “serve”.

Train constantly. In the heat of battle, we don’t rise to the occasion, we degrade to our level of training. So train hard.

Don’t focus on winning. You can’t win to win. Work is what leads to winning, so focus on the work. Be willing to outwork everyone in the room.

Don’t do anything without a purpose. If there is no purpose, you are wasting precious time.

It is time to define who you are as a leader. To find your voice. When you know who you are, your troops will know as well.

Together, let’s all: Take Action. Suffer. Be Bold.

Let's all lead...

Ever Onward

Take Action