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Private Campfire Sessions Experience

CDR Rorke accepts a limited number of private Campfire Sessions engagements each year. He will personally come to your executive retreat or corporate event and do a live Campfire Sessions experience as an unforgettable evening activity that will forever mark your organization. He can tailor the content specific to your organization, using a topic/theme of your choice, or simply share his epic SEAL stories and leadership lessons. Have the host facility provide s’mores, bourbon, and some cigars and craft a memorable evening for your team or company that will be the office buzz on Monday morning.

Please contact Tracy at for more information and booking.

Campfire Sessions

Live streaming of CDR Rorke sharing behind-the-scenes SEAL stories around a campfire. Grab some s’mores, a glass of bourbon, tea or a favorite cigar and get comfortable while you join a SEAL for a night of intriguing dialogue and fascinating conversation.


Commander's Counsel

Get unprecedented access to a Navy SEAL commander in a consulting and coaching setting, reserved exclusively for high-level organizational leaders wishing to seek wisdom on their most complex business challenges, sophisticated strategies, and gnarly business situations. Roll up your sleeves with CDR Rorke Denver, who has run every phase of training for the Navy SEALs and prepared hundreds of special operators who executed some of the nation’s most daring, high-profile missions, and get your hands dirty as you deal with your most challenging leadership situations.


Culture Experience

An exclusive leadership experience designed to help you build and sustain a culture of enduring greatness in your organization.

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