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Commander's Coffee

September 2018

Ever Onward Tribe,

This month’s Commander’s Coffee is coming to you all the way from Meeteetse, Wyoming.

Hit play…

Don’t pull the trigger unless you’re absolutely confident about what’s going to happen with that round.

Action Step:
Get your group together, talk about those ‘rounds’ and specific pulls of the trigger that didn’t go well. Not only will it be healing, but it’s also going to set up a system within yourself and your team where you say, “Let’s not pull the trigger on something until we’re absolutely sure we know what we want the result to be.”

? Don’t forget that we have our next Campfire Session coming up on November 11, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I’ll be coming at you live with more SEAL stories and leadership lessons. The theme for this next one will be The Troops. If you live in or around the Santa Fe area, this would be an easy opportunity for you to grab a seat around the fire. Check out the VIP ticket option that includes a pre-campfire dinner with me, an Ever Onward™ swag bag (cigars included), and an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience!

Ever Onward,

Commander Rorke Denver

CDR Rorke T. Denver