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Commander's Coffee

October 2019

Ever Onward - Commander's Coffee

Ever Onward Tribe,

This month’s CDR’s coffee is about patience. Not one of my natural strong suits, so something I am constantly tending to.  This post includes one of the great valleys on earth, big dangerous walls and patience on a geologic scale!  You will hear me mention Yellowstone.  Quite obviously based on the terrain, most will be able to tell I was in Yosemite.  I could have recorded something new to avoid the slip, but I like to get you my thoughts when I have them and as authentically as possible.  Proof we all make mistakes and I think this is one we can survive.

Hit play…



Also, this month you may have noticed a rollout of new Ever Onward merchandise.  We now have hoodies (perfect for the cooling weather), skull caps (hunters: check out my orange one), and Ever Onward patches.  Here’s the link to shop, if interested:  www.rorkedenver.com/shop


Ever Onward,

Navy SEAL Commander Rorke Denver