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Commander's Coffee

May 2020

Ever Onward - Commander's Coffee

Ever Onward Tribe,

General Custer’s famous last stand at Little Big Horn has been used many times as a metaphor for not “dying on a hill” or being stubborn in your behavior and choices.  I think in these unprecedented times, it pays to learn the lessons of what not to do when stuck upon a hill. 

Hit play….

Also, a few other items to relay to you this month:  I have been interviewed for an online series called Corporate to Entrepreneur, alongside 20 other experts.  Click on this link:  Corporate to Entrepreneur Interview Series and enter your name and e-mail to sign up to be a part of the series.

If you or your company are interested in finding out more information regarding my ‘Commander’s Counsel’ 30-minute web sessions, please e-mail tracy@rorkedenver.com.

I wanted to remind folks, especially those new to the tribe about the 4 Campfire Sessions I recorded live about a year ago that are an hour in length with a Q&A following where you could gain some insight into lessons I learned on the battlefield and how those have translated to other parts of my life, both personal and business-related.  Those sessions are very affordable ($19 for the four) and can be purchased at this link:   Campfire Sessions

Many of you have recently inquired about my Ever Onward patches as well.  You can find those and the rest of my merchandise here:  CDR Rorke Denver Merchandise

I hope you and your family are navigating these current times with grace and understanding.


Ever Onward,

Navy SEAL Commander Rorke Denver