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Commander's Coffee

July 2020

Commander's Counsel

Ever Onward Tribe,

This time of transition and flexibility within the new COVID parameters has offered me the opportunity to work with small to medium size businesses with regards to my virtual leadership offering.  Typically, my speaking and leadership consultation brings me to Main Stage events and that tends to be associated with large corporations.  I enjoy the energy of both but tend to not get to work with smaller businesses based on budgets.  If your company is interested in finding out more information regarding my ‘Commander’s Counsel’ 30-minute web sessions, please e-mail tracy@rorkedenver.com for more details.  This is an effort to bring my leadership consultation to a different audience and so far, it has met with great success!

Okay, let’s get to the guts of this month’s Commander’s Coffee.  It addresses the concept of ‘hacking’ your way through hard things.  Spoiler:  It can’t be done.

Hit play….


Ever Onward,

Navy SEAL Commander Rorke Denver