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Commander's Coffee

July 2018

Hello, Ever Onward Tribe,

For this month’s Commander’s Coffee I am sharing about a passion of mine: reading. Spartans are involved.

Hit play…

Discussion Question: Who are the best leaders you’ve worked for and what made them great? Who are the worst leaders you have worked for and what did you learn?

Action Step: Back off the line and ask yourself, “In my leadership journey, what small thing can I do to correct an action that’s keeping me from performing at the highest level? Where can I stand shoulder-to-shoulder with those I lead?”

As always, I encourage you to gather a group of people around you, your own tribe, to dive into this discussion together and hold each other accountable to apply it.

Don’t forget that we have our next Campfire Session coming up on August 26. I’ll be coming at you live with more SEAL stories and leadership lessons. The theme for this next one will be The Briefing Room. Do you want a front row seat? Check out the VIP ticket option that includes a pre-campfire dinner with me, an Ever Onward swag bag (cigars included), and an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience!

Ever Onward,
Commander Rorke Denver