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Commander's Coffee

February 2020

Ever Onward - Commander's Coffee

Ever Onward Tribe,

This months CDR’s coffee is a bit of a throwback for me. I was at a speaking event last week and the team that booked me had seen my speech before.  They referenced a story I had told in a previous year that they loved and I realized I don’t tell it all that often anymore.  I am always updating my content to keep myself fresh.  But it is one of my favorite passages about leadership I have ever read, so I wanted to share it with you.

Hit play…

I Will Tell His Majesty What a King Is!

Call to Action:

Be the type of leader who ‘earns’ the respect and devotion of your team.  Pick up burdens first and set them down last.


Ever Onward,

Navy SEAL Commander Rorke Denver