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Commander's Coffee

August 2020

Commander's Counsel

Ever Onward Tribe,


This month’s Commander’s Coffee speaks to the importance of finding silence.  Our world is loud and silence isn’t something that comes to you, it is something you must seek.  While this video talks to my hunting and fishing pursuits, it is much more about the other gifts that come from time in wild places. This video was made by my buddies at Zero Point Zero production company for Yeti.

Hit play….

Also, check out my ‘Commander’s Counsel’.  It’s a new virtual leadership offering of mine that has been developing over the past two months.  If you haven’t heard of it yet, it is an opportunity to have me pop into your Zoom or Microsoft Teams meeting in a myriad of ways:  Leading a 1:1 session, mentoring a group of your top performers, guiding a group of folks with ‘boots on the ground’ or a good old fashioned Q&A.   If your company is interested in finding out more information regarding my ‘Commander’s Counsel’ 30-minute web sessions, please e-mail tracy@rorkedenver.com for more details.  This is an effort to bring my leadership consultation to a broader audience and so far, it has met with great success!


Ever Onward,

Navy SEAL Commander Rorke Denver