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Commander's Coffee

April 2021

Ever Onward - Commander's Coffee

Ever Onward Tribe,

We all find ourselves in dark places, but we have to find ways to beat back the dark and burst back into the light. The key is to never quit. To grind. And to have faith that the Dawn will soon break.

Press play…


Campfire Sessions:

Several EO Tribe members have been asking about affordable leadership content and I wanted to remind folks about a series of four Campfire Sessions that I released a couple of years ago.  It is me sharing behind-the-scenes SEAL stories around a campfire and an opportunity for you to learn how you can apply the lessons I learned on the battlefield to your own life and leadership pursuit. By purchasing a bundle of Campfire Sessions ($19), you’ll receive access to all four Campfires on the topics of The Battlefield, Aspire to Suffer, The Briefing Room, and The Troops.  Each session is approximately an hour long in content and includes a Q&A Session from the audience members.  This is a low-cost offering for a strong boost in morale, needed now more than ever!  Link to purchase here, if interested: https://rorkedenver.com/campfire-sessions/

Ever Onward,

Navy SEAL Commander Rorke Denver