Rorke Denver

Navy Seal Commander

Keynote Speaker


I had a strong desire to serve my country and was given one-of-a-kind training to protect it. As I now enter civilian life, I don’t see why only a few should have this knowledge. I’ve distilled Navy SEAL training down to make it applicable to today’s workplace and marketplace.

There are lessons that every leader and team should know.

My messages resonate with everyone at all levels of the organization.

Because I take lessons from the battlefield and apply them to your life.

Many think that Navy SEALs are just chest pounding, testosterone filled men who are ready to yell at you as though you are on the battlefield.

That doesn’t work!

I want to continue to serve.

There is a synergy created between the company’s culture and my 20+ years in the SEAL teams that creates the feeling of an experience as opposed to a lecture.

See why I get invited back
again and again.

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